Source: Investment Migration Insider

Author: Christian Nehseim

In a historic data release prepared exclusively for IMI, Vanuatu’s Citizenship Commission shares, for the first time, detailed statistics on all four of its past and present citizenship by investment programs.

Upon taking the helm as Chairman of the Vanuatu Citizenship Commission earlier this year, a series of formidable tasks faced Ronald Warsal. Over the last six years, his country’s previous governments had operated no fewer than four separate citizenship by investment programs, none of which had readily available statistics in digital form; mainstream journalists, industry observers, and foreign governments expressed concerns over the lack of transparency and about the program’s apparent inconsistencies. The incoming government ordered a comprehensive review of the various programs, promising to streamline existing procedures, reduce opacity, and terminate any sweetheart deals entered into by previous administrations.

Chairman Warsal has brought a new level of transparency to Vanuatu’s CBI programs

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