Cyprus Govt. Calls For Fast-Track Processing, St Kitts, St Lucia CIPs Go Fully Digital

May 5, 2020

In the latest round of Corona-responses, the CIPs of Saint Kitts & Nevis and Saint Lucia announce they are also moving their processing entirely online, while the Cypriot government aims to speed up CIP application handling.

In a measure brought to our attention by Astons, and confirmed by their lawyers and the Cypriot press, the government of the Mediterranean island aims to accelerate processing in unspecified ways:

Specifically, the government called for the examination process of applications for exceptional naturalization on the basis of the Cyprus Investment Program – in accordance with set provisions and criteria – to be speeded up.

The move is but one among a long list of emergency measures aimed at mitigating the viral outbreak’s impact on the island’s economy.

Meanwhile, in a press release circulated widely yesterday, Saint Kitts & Nevis’ CIU announced it would begin accepting online applications for the citizenship by investment program through its Citizenship Application Management System (CAMS).

“It is important to highlight that the temporary measures will not compromise the stringent due diligence procedures that applicants to the St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Programme must undergo,” emphasized Les Khan, the Unit’s chief executive.

Saint Lucia’s CIU announced similar measures in a circular to its agents, informing stakeholders that CIU staff has already started working remotely, a modus operandi enabled by its online processing system, which the Unit’s CEO, Nestor Alfred, indicated had been designed expressly for the purpose.

The circular asked agents to pay particular attention to the necessary adaptations to the document submission process. The Unit will not be accepting physical copies of documents and will not be interfacing with the public. It provided, instead, detailed instructions on the digital submission of documents and online payments, which you may read in full here.

Both the Grenada and Dominica CIUs have announced similar remote-work arrangements over the last few days.

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